27 September 2023

The Master, Deputy Master and Wardens welcomed 66 Tallow Chandler Award Winners, from 1979 to 2022, to the annual Past Award Winners’ Supper, this year held on Thursday 21st September 2023.

Some award winners, including Tallow Chandler members who are also past award recipients, had attended the Supper in previous years, and it was a pleasure to welcome them back to the Hall. Some were attending their first Supper, either because they had recently reconnected with the Company or because they are very recent Past Award Winners, and we were delighted they were able to join us.

Thank you to all those attending for making it a very special evening. To quote from the Master’s speech, ‘the Tallow Chandlers are immensely proud of our association with all our award winners’, and we look forward to many more Suppers in their company.

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