13 March 2023

The finals of the Cubitt Town Primary School Science Fair were held at the Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on 13th March 2023. Led by Mr Oliver Hart, Cubitt’s Science, Design and Technology teacher, we welcomed 19 pupils, accompanied by parents and staff, who were ready to present their science ideas to a panel of ‘Dragons’ in the Court Room. The panel of Dragons were The Master, Mrs Cate Marshall and Dr Shapour Hariri (both Tallow Chandler Governors at Cubitt Town Primary School), and Ms Robyn Bruce, Cubitt’s Headteacher.

Each group of pupils and their parents were given a tour of the Hall by the Beadle, Mr Richard Kennell, while the Dragons and parents were treated to a variety of Science topics from all year groups, including watching live experiments, research videos and demonstrations and being shown working models, charts, diagrams and inventions. Subjects presented were:

  • Year 1: Does size affect the rate of descent?
  • Year 2: Does smell help us taste?
  • Year 3: What is the best conductor?
  • Year 3: How do you make the best lava lamp?
  • Year 4: Which gum makes the best bubbles?
  • Year 5: Which fabric causes the most static electricity?
  • Year 6: Where are the most germs in school?

After much deliberation, the Dragons made their decision on the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. These decisions were based on the science, research and conclusions demonstrated by the pupils.

The Bronze Certificate was awarded to Zeliha, Year 3 (aged 7), for ‘What is the best conductor?’. Zeliha had created a working model to show the Dragons her experiment, which lit up and had a working fan, which was most impressive. 

The Silver Certificate was awarded to Jana, Year 5 (aged 9), for ‘Which fabric causes the most static electricity?’ Jana had created her own gadget to test the static electricity of fabric, which she demonstrated to the Dragons.

The Gold Certificate was awarded to Twaseen, Maria, Sabiha and Stanley, Year 2 (aged 6) for their research on ‘Does smell help us taste?’ The Dragons commended the group on their thorough research into the topic and their findings and conclusions. Ms Bruce requested that the group become her official taste testers at lunchtime in the school dining room! 

Very many congratulations to all the pupils who took part in this event, and thank you to the Dragons, parents, school staff and Hall staff who made it possible. 

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