Flagship Schools

Our three flagship beneficiaries, Greig City Academy, Halley Academy and Cubitt Town Junior School, continue to receive our largest three-year donations, supported by a programme of non-financial giving. Non-financial support has grown over the years, and recently the Company has been involved with an impressive range of educational events held at the Hall and in our flagship schools.

Cubitt Town Junior School students taking part in a Robotics League at Greig City Academy

Greig City Academy

Our relationship with Greig City Academy began in 2013, when the Academy became our first ‘flagship’ beneficiary, combining financial support with the promotion of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and participation in the school’s governance.

The Academy now receives one of our largest three-year donations, and a programme of non-financial support. The Company also supports two other flagships; Cubitt Town Junior School and Halley Academy.

Located in Haringey, the country’s 13th most deprived borough, Greig City Academy (GCA) aims to be both inclusive and distinctive and has been judged by Ofsted to be rapidly improving. The Company’s continued support to the Greig City Academy, particularly to STEM education, is making a significant difference. There have been some impressive achievements at the Academy, most notably the Academy being appointed a STEM Hub ‘Centre of Excellence’ for the Borough of Haringey in 2018.

Over the past five years, we have been developing a programme of non-financial support including:

  • awards and bursaries to outstanding STEM students to support their transition to university
  • group mentoring sessions with Tallow Chandlers members, associates and award winners
  • talks and seminars to help students prepare for university applications and beyond
  • helping to link GCA to other schools or organisations involved in STEM initiatives
  • awarding £5,000 to Generating Genius, a programme that helped GCA students on their journey towards higher education and future employment
  • awarding £2,000 to Arkwright Engineering Trust, to support a GCA student on a two-year engineering scholarship

In 2019, we supported a capital project which enabled a new STEM building to be built at the Academy. Students and staff are using the building for the expanding programme of extra-curricular STEM activities, including the robotics league which supports juniors schools in the local area and beyond. We are delighted that students from our other flagship, Cubitt Town Junior School take part in the robotics league competition at Greig City Academy.

Halley Academy

We have supported the Halley Academy since 2016, and many positive changes have continued to take place at the school since it became part of the Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) in 2018.

The Company’s annual donation is being used to support enrichment activities, revision resources, intervention programmes (weekends away for intensive student tuition), as well as various workshops. Our programme of non-financial support has rapidly expanded, and the Company has been involved with a range of education events throughout the year including a STEM Mentoring Programme, hosted by Leigh Academies Trust. Ten members of the Company, and past award winners attended a mentors training day, and are now acting as STEM mentors to Year 12 students for the 2019-20 academic year.

Cubitt Town Junior School

In 2016, Cubitt Town Junior School became the first primary school to be awarded a three-year grant by the Company. In 2019, we enhanced our support to the School which enabled the building of a running track around the perimeter of the school grounds. The New track provides a safe area for children of all ages and abilities to take part in daily physical activity and is also being used by staff who have set up their own running club, completing a half marathon last year.

In March last year, pupils visited the Hall with their parents to take part in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style competition as part of their science week. Seven teams of students from Year 3 to Year 6 presented their science projects on a range of topics including how to purify water, solar power cars, carbon capture hot air balloons, and magnetic river recycling. The judges were very impressed by all the student’s presentation skills, and the hard work that had gone into their projects, which showed excellent scientific understanding.

We are looking forward to hosting a second Dragons’ Den event this year.