The Benevolent Fund receives many appeals for charitable donations, which are carefully considered. We try to reply to each request, even when we cannot help because the charity’s activities are too far outside our current priorities.

If the charity’s work accords with our strategy, the appeal is considered by our Education & Charity Committee. The Committee may then decide to award a small one-off donation or a larger three-year grant. The Education & Charity Committee meetings take place quarterly, and the next meeting will take place on 9th June 2021.

One-off donations

One-off donations are usually between £250 and £2,000. For example, we have made donations to children’s and young people’s charities, and for the benefit of people within the City of London.

Three-year grants

Longer-term funding is provided to selected organisations that meet all our priorities and currently include schools, youth organisations and cadets, for example. All three-year grants are subject to review, after which they may continue for a further three years.

Further guidance on applying to the Tallow Chandlers Benevolent Fund, can be found here.