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BP Awards, 11 November 2015

The annual Tallow Chandlers Awards to exceptional Apprentices and young Technologists from BP were presented at a very well attended Luncheon on 11 November.

The Lady Mayoress, Mrs Alan Yarrow, made the presentations of certificates, gold medals and candlesticks.

Mr Dev Sanyal, BP’s VP – Strategy & Regions, made a very interesting speech in which he identified four reasons why oil and gas is the best place to be pursuing a career over the next several decades (read the speech).

The overall winners were Benjamin Rymer, BP Chemicals Hull – Apprentice and Arriyadhul Qolbi, BP Indonesia – Technologist.

Unfortunately, Qolbi was not able to finish his lunch as he was called back to BP Indonesia to deal with an emergency!  He did find time for a quick photo on his way out and is pictured above with Dr Joan Wales, BP’s Head of Safety & Operational Risk and member of the Tallow Chandlers/BP Liaison Committee.

You can read the citations for the winners and runners-up here.