Trade, Business Links & Affiliations

While our links and affiliations have historical roots, together with the Company’s network in the City of London and amongst the Tallow Chandler membership, they form a powerful network.

The trade, business and historical links and our affiliations combine to support the Company’s educational and charitable objectives, both financially and non-financially.

Trade Links

We maintain close links with the historic candle trade’s modern descendants and the edible fats and oil industries.

We provide the Honorary Secretary of the British Candlemakers’ Federation (BCF). BCF members include working chandlers from companies like church candle suppliers, Charles Farris.

We support the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA International) and the National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA). The oil and fats industries derive some of their raw materials from tallow, making them modern inheritors of the tallow trade. Awards are presented to members of FOSFA International and NEODA each year.

Business Link

With the ‘energy’ connection, the Company has a close relationship with BP and each year the Lady Mayoress presents apprenticeship and technologist awards at the BP Awards lunch, held in the Tallow Chandlers’ Hall. Both the Tallow Chandlers and BP support a primary school in the Isle of Dogs. Many senior members of BP are also members of the Company, including the present Chief Executive BP.

Historical Link – Her Majesty’s Body Guards

Roger Monk, Master Tallow Chandler in 1826, was unusually a member of both the Honourable Gentlemen at Arms and the Yeomen of the Guard. In accordance with Roger Monk’s original bequest, the Company supports the annual dinners to celebrate the monarch’s birthday and enjoys reciprocal arrangements with both ancient institutions. A portrait of Roger Monk hangs in the Tallow Chandlers’ Hall and two copies hang in St James’s Palace, the home of both of HM Body Guards.


The Tallow Chandlers Company is affiliated to three military organisations.

In 2013 the Company became affiliated to the Manchester and Salford Universities Royal Naval Unit and its training ship, HMS BITER. A Tallow Chandlers’ Award for the ‘best sea going cadet’ is presented on Trafalgar Night each year.

In 2014, the Company’s affiliation with the Royal Engineers expanded to include the whole of 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group, Royal Engineers.  The annual Tallow Chandlers’ Sapper Award is open to nominations from all Works Groups within 170 and recognises sappers who have shown excellence in their field of work or on vocational courses.

In 2013, the Company affiliated with 206 Squadron, Royal Air Force, based at RAF Brize Norton. The Squadron’s principal focus is trials and experimentation in support of air and ground operations. An annual Tallow Chandlers’ Flight Test Award was introduced in 2014.