The Court

The Tallow Chandlers Company is governed by the Court of Assistants, under the authority of the Company’s Charters and its various Ordinances.

The Court is led by the Master, the Deputy Master (the immediate Past Master) and four Wardens (the First, Second, Renter and Fourth Wardens).

Liverymen serve for a year in each office, usually progressing from Fourth to First Warden and then to Master over a period of five years. The remaining Members of the Court are known as Assistants. They include all Past Masters, as well as a number of Junior Assistants drawn from the Livery who join the Court for two years.

The Court meets quarterly in the paneled Court Room, which has been in constant use for Court meetings since 1672. The composition of the Court changes annually, at the July meeting, when the new Master and his Wardens are elected under the supervision of the Clerk.

The Court guides and advises the Master in the governance of the Company. It directs the Company’s strategy, grants entry to the Freedom and clothing to the Livery and supervises the management of the Company via several subordinate Standing Committees.

The more important committees, whose Chairmen report to the Court, are:

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Education and Charity Committee
  • Hall Management Committee
  • Nomination Committee