The Court

The Tallow Chandlers’ Company is governed by the Court. The Company is the Trustee of the Tallow Chandlers’ Benevolent Fund, and the Court also acts on behalf of the Trustee.

Led by the Master, the Court comprises: Past Masters, Deputy Master, the four Wardens (First, Second, Renter and Fourth) and Assistants, Liverymen selected to join the Court for two years.

The Court meets formally five times a year, in the panelled Court Room used since 1672.

The ‘Strategy Court’ (February) confirms the Company’s Strategy, Business Plan and selects people for key appointments; the other four meetings receive Committee reports. The Court in July is known as the ‘Election Court’ and this meeting includes the election of the new Master, Wardens and Assistants.

The main committees of the Company are:

  • Education and Charity Committee;
  • Finance and General Purpose Committee;
  • Investment Committee;
  • Nomination Committee; and,
  • Hall Management Committee.

In addition, ‘Special Courts’ are convened to admit new Freemen to the Company and to advance Freemen to the Livery.