The Clerk

The Clerk is the executive who manages the day to day running of the Company, its staff and the Hall.

The Clerk

Brigadier David Homer is our current Clerk. He can be contacted here.

The Clerk has to be a master of many trades. His responsibilities include running a Grade 1 historic building, maintaining links with the trade sectors and the many charities and educational establishments that the Company supports, and co-ordinating the activities of the Company’s Liverymen and Freemen.

For many years the Tallow Chandlers’ Clerk was a solicitor, the last two of which, Monier F. Monier-Williams and his nephew Randall Monier-Williams served as Clerks for almost a century 1884 to 1978. More recently, most of our Clerks have had a military background.

Historically, the Clerk had to be a member of the clergy. This custom dated from the 13th and 14th Centuries, when we were linked to the religious Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist. Ordinance No.40 notes that the Clerk should be “an honest, discreet and sufficient person”, originally elected by the Court to record its decisions.

Click here for a list of our Past-Clerks, dating back to 1530