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Our strategy


A livery company is a unique organisation. The oldest, which include the Tallow Chandlers, can trace their recorded history back to the Middle Ages as trade guilds. The relationship with a trade gave livery companies an early involvement in the training of apprentices and an understanding of the duties and responsibilities, on both sides, of that relationship.

Today, we continue to strive, through the gifts of time and money, to improve society. We also seek to use the networks and trade/business and other associations, which we have built up over hundreds of years, in support of those educational and charitable efforts. The Hall, dating from 1672 and standing on land which we have owned since 1476, is the tangible expression of the fellowship which underpins our support for trade and our focus on our education and charitable activities.

Accordingly, the principal objective of the Company is to promote educational excellence and to provide relevant, focused support and giving to, primarily, the young disadvantaged. This document places the Company’s activities in that context, by linking educational excellence and charitable giving with the Company’s major business and trade links, its connections and responsibilities in the City and its wider affiliations. By doing so, it ensures that, with the support of a vibrant Livery and Freedom, the Company remains relevant in the 21st Century.

The Company’s Objectives

The Company’s main objectives are:

To promote educational excellence and to support designated charities and, in particular, to:
(1) Focus on educational excellence in areas close to the Company’s historical roots.
(2) Encourage successful recipients of the above to ‘give back’ for the benefit of the young disadvantaged.
(3) Support by financial and non-financial means educational and charitable organisations that help the young, disadvantaged, and vulnerable members of society and to genuinely make a difference.

To build upon the Company’s heritage by:
(1) Upholding and preserving the values and traditions of the Company, including the Hall and historical and other assets.
(2) Maintaining an active and supportive Livery and Freedom, to include the recruitment of selected and successful recipients of awards and bursaries.
(3) Developing external relationships with historical and related trades/businesses, institutions, educational and charitable bodies, HM Forces and the City of London and to encourage participation or support in the Company’s education and charitable endeavours

To contribute to the City of London by participating in the governance of the City of London – both executive and ceremonial – and promoting its position as the world’s leading financial and commercial city.

This is an extract from the full Company Strategy which can be viewed in the Members’ Area of this website. The strategy sets out the Company’s objectives, how they are to be achieved and the priorities for the coming year. It is reviewed annually by The Court.