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Between 1549 and 1799, we were a major presence on the River Thames. Since 1999, we've been back on the river again, fielding regular racing and ceremonial crews to row in our Thames Cutter The Dove.

WatermenThe Tallow Chandlers Watermen were formed as a society around 17 years ago now and have enjoyed an active presence and strong membership ever since. We aim to go out every Saturday from Putney for training in our Thames Cutter and enjoy some success in the annual racing programme, which is noted as much for its social life as its commitment to traditional rowing.

We have also taken part in a number of national events, from rowing in the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 to taking part in the 2015 Magna Carta celebrations. In fact our cutter, The Dove, has regularly caught the eye of TV cameramen, ensuring a national audience for some quality traditional rowing.

Most importantly, the crew have been formed of a number of different Freemen and Liverymen, the majority of whom have never rowed before but have been taught to become accomplished oarsmen as a result.

You can contact our Bargemaster, Ed Robertson, via the Clerk.